About Redstone Excavating

Redstone Excavating is a company offering residential, commercial and industrial project completion to individuals, businesses and institutions in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio. The company was started by local resident Tony Lucostic, and was founded in Brownsville, PA in 2007. Tony and his staff are experienced and dedicated to completing projects on time and according to specifications.

Our company is fully licensed and insured in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio, serving all residential, commercial, and industrial site development needs.


With on-staff engineering, safety professionals, and a team of highly skilled, highly motivated, well-trained employees, Redstone can tackle a wide range of tasks and projects. Our contractors have expertise in a number of projects including excavation, road construction, residential and commercial construction, utility construction, building rehabilitation and renovations, heavy equipment services, and hauling. We undertake commercial, residential and industrial projects on
any scale. To us, there is no project too big or too small; and, we give each job the same required attention to detail and high performance. We will help you obtain an engineered soil test on the area where the construction is planned; clear the site or carry out the required demolitions to give way for the construction process; we will excavate the site foundation; carry out installation of utilities, and other services needed to complete your project. Our experienced and professional contractors assure that you get nothing but the best. During disasters such as landslides, we will help you through offering landslide repair and other post disaster rehabilitation services.

The Team

Redstone Excavating comprises a team of professionals and technicians, people who are committed to delivering high quality services to our customers. Our diverse team has training and experience ranging from: engineering, construction, water works, masonry, land surveying, plant and machinery operations, project management and designs among other capabilities. With our team, you are assured of getting the best quality excavation and construction work. We pride ourselves for being one of the most sought out firms in the region, with a huge capacity to work in various environments and fields.


Redstone Excavating has all the equipment necessary to undertake a wide variety of projects.

Whether you need excavating services, grading, grubbing stumps, tri axle hauling, site development or any other service, we have equipment which will give you the quality and standards that are needed to do the job right.

Our equipment is meticulously maintained exceeding manufacturer recommendations and nearly eliminating downtime.

Redstone Excavating has successfully tackled all facets of excavation work within the construction and oil and gas industries. Our success is due in part to the close relationships we develop with our clients and our ability to tailor to each of their specific and changing needs, while always maintaining quality and exceeding expectations. Redstone Excavating is small enough to care, yet large enough to do it right.

Our past and present customers attest to our professionalism, prompt delivery of projects and quality work as some of the factors that have influenced them to solicit our services. Our customer service ensures that all our clients’ queries are promptly attended to while at the same time making sure that concerns are addressed as quickly as possible.

We invite you to get a free quotation with no obligations, we look forward to building a relationship with our clients and providing any excavation or construction services you may need. Get in touch with us, we guarantee that you will be joining a long list of satisfied customers. We promise to surpass your expectations.

Get the job done right with Redstone.